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School Safety

Student Drop Off and Pickup


Safety is our first concern at Peterson and traffic can be a challenge unless we all do our part to follow our school guidelines. 
Street parking is on a space available basis. Parking is available in marked spaces in the main parking lot and parking lot adjacent to the Clapp Wing of the school. However, our parking lot is closed during arrival and dismissal for the safety of your child and all other children on campus. The main parking lot is closed to all cars during student arrival (8:30am – 8:45am) and dismissal (2:43pm – 3:15pm) except Thursdays (1:43pm – 2:15pm). Each lot is designed for one entrance and one exit only. Red curbs are marked for no parking to allow a clear view for buses and cars as they enter and exit our parking lot. U-turns in front of the school are prohibited. 
Allowing your child/children to cross Farnsworth alone during drop-off or pick-up is dangerous. Please exit your car and escort them safely to the opposite curb. You are your child’s model behind the wheel of your car. Please teach them the courtesy of the road. We all love and care for our Peterson students and together we can keep all our children safe.
Street Sweeping - currently scheduled on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month. There will be no parking on either side of the street between 8am and 12pm.
A cleaner and less frustrating exit to Indianapolis can be made by making a left onto Kingfisher and then a left onto Sandpiper. Since there is little street parking available in from of the school, you might try parking on Reilly, Kingfisher, Catamaran, or further south on Farnsworth.