John R. Peterson Elementary School


Voyager Program


Program Description

The HBCSD Voyager Program is designed to support students in developing social thinking skills and emotional regulation skills. Students who have been identified with autism or Asperger's Syndrome and qualify for this program receive support in the general education setting and during small group instructional sessions with a certificated teacher.


Curriculum and Instruction

The primary texts used during social thinking instruction are Superflex by Michelle Garcia Winner, The New Social Story Book by Carol Gray, Think Social by Michelle Garcia Winner, Social Skills Training by Jed E. Baker, and The Zones of Regulation by Leah M. Kuypers.


Superflexby Michelle Garcia Winner is a fun, kid-friendly way to introduce very grown-up ideas like making compromises, being flexible, and not getting stuck on your own ideas. Students are introduced to Superflex to build a foundation in social thinking. This foundation leads to students being able to better understand social situations, indirect language, and problem solving.


Lunch Bunch

Students are encouraged eat lunch with a friend in the Voyager Room a few times each week. During lunch bunch, students have an opportunity to put their social thinking skills into practice. Students are given time to eat, socialize, and practice friendship, communication, and problem solving skills with support from Voyager Staff.